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A Sexual Abuse Free Christmas Message.

Merry Christmas to every man woman or child who has ever suffered the carnage of child sexual abuse and to those who have cared, assisted and acted protectively.

Just as our Police are calling for a reduction in the road toll, I hope you will all join with me in my call for a reduction in the Christmas sexual abuse toll.

May this Christmas season bring you some respite from your personal pain. May the rest of your community recognise your silent suffering and your pleas of keeping other children safe. May you get the gift of knowing that you have done something to end child sexual abuse.

My 2006 reflections leave me satisfied that I have indeed worked hard to contribute to the shattering of silence around child abuse – this blog is only a small part of what I have done. My wish for 2007 is that you will join with me, that this blog becomes a strong voice of those concerned with ending the societal scourge of child sexual abuse and that together we create an advocacy forum that says NO MORE SEXUAL ABUSE.

Many voices, many changes. Speak up and keep all kids safe this Christmas, no matter where they are or which country they belong to.

Child abuse will not be tolerated.

Merry Christmas to all (except to those filthy predators that deck our halls with poison ivy. May you find yourselves banished, hunted and scared).

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