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Support 2007 Children to Have a Happy New Year

STOP Child Abuse by doing just one small thing to improve the life of 2007 children. Yes, 2007 children are waiting for YOU to create them a Happy New Year.

Last year I supported NAPCAN by ensuring that I consistently linked to them, advertised for them and shared their resources.

This year I choose to support the Abused Child Trust. By picking a single non-profit organization that tirelessly works to support children I am doing one little additional thing to improve the life of maximum numbers of children.

We all lead busy lives and forget that others have lives less fortunate than ours. By supporting a charity against child sexual abuse, I spend little time to achieve maximum support. I often don’t have sufficient funds to donate but I do have commitment, passion and drive to ensure that the plight of children at risk remains high on the public agenda.

I ask you to join me in 2007 to ensure that your help protects at least 2007 children.

Begin your new year by:

Subscribing to the daily email reminder of the Child Health Site. By simply clicking on their link daily, the partners donate 100% of collected revenue to pay for the vital health services of children in developing countries. Let’s help them reach 2007 children per day.

Buy clothes or household goods from the Child Health Site store.

Donating $20.07 to a child focused charity of your choice. My commitment is the Abused Child Trust.

Creating a voice that says that you, or your business, will not tolerate Child Abuse. Leaving comments on blogs is a simple and FREE way to achieve this. Comments provide comfort to survivors who measure the infiltration of child abuse discourse by reading who and why people are talking about it. I aim to leave 2007 supportive comments on other child abuse focused blogs.

Adopt an at risk family who has a child born in 2007. Donations of used clothing, little presents like packets of pencils for school, a cake, a smile, a card can make the difference between children growing up thinking that nobody cares about them.

Help 2007 young families: allow them to go ahead of you at the cashier, offer to reach something that a parent holding a baby can’t reach, or even smile supportively. This is FREE and takes no time at all.

Happy New Year. Let’s make sure it stays that way for the children of the world.

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