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Teach Your Child About Predators.

Predators are everywhere; in the ocean, in the air and on our streets. Sexual Predators are often in our homes or in places our children frequent.

Protect your children by teaching them about predators. When talking about predators of the ocean or air let your children know that some humans are also predators, sexual predators, and that they prey on children.

The aim of protective behaviours is not to scare children but to give them life skills in personal safety. It is not a child’s job to protect them selves. Sexual abuse is always the responsibility of the perpetrator: a child sexual predator.

It is a child’s right to live a life free of harm. With rights comes responsibility. Children, by design, are irresponsible. Responsibility is a concept that is learnt. If parents are unable to teach children about the responsible actions of personal safety then children may become part of the food chain, the hunted, of sexual predators.

When next a teachable moment presents, seize it by providing information about the predator of the moment (eagle, shark, crocodile, etc) and throw in a sentence or two about human predators. It could be as simple as saying, “some adults prey on children. They don’t eat kids, but they do adult type things to the kids and try to keep it secret. If ever anyone tries to touch your private parts I’d really like you to tell me.”

Predators are scary. Teaching protective behaviours to keep kids safe is not.

1 Response to "Teach Your Child About Predators."

WatchingThem said...

Excellent! Never let an opportunity go by without teaching your child something of this scary changing world. I always read any news on offenders that have been arrested and check out the way they do things. Its amazing what you start noticing in your local area. Keep your eyes peeled.

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