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How to Show Support of Being Against Sexual Violence.

Supporting the end of sexual violence need not cost you anything. From the comfort and safety of your own home you can join the global call for an end to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Learn what others have to say about sexual violence. Submit you own voice, thoughts, research or ideas. Participate in the Carnival Against Sexual Violence. The twenty first edition contains twenty nine separate posts from writers, survivors and people who give a damn.

I do not accept that only 29 people in the blogosphere care about ending sexual violence. I receive daily emails from people wanting to know what they can do, how they can do it, and whether their thoughts are representative of the wider community.

If those emails were turned into submissions for the Carnival of Sexual Violence then the collective voice of those concerned with the rising statistics of sexual violence would indeed resound strongly throughout the blogosphere.

Sexual Violence must end. Are you willing to help end it by making a public statement in support of those who fight against domestic terrorists? Male and Female domestic terrorists come well furnished with their accepted arsenals of penises, fingers, looks, mouths and words? Non domestic terrorists carry the same weaponry, we just choose to use our weapons differently: for good rather than bad.

The Carnival Against Sexual Violence Edition 22, looks forward to receiving your blog, your support and your power to bring about change.

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