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Squeaky Books May Help Keep Kids Safe

This is a protective behaviour, bibliotherapy story to read to children to help them learn how to say, "NO." There are no guarantees that a squeaky book will keep your kids safe, but it is an example of how innovative you can be in beginning to teach protective behaviours in a non threatening way.

The storybook duck that quacked me safe.
(taken from my writings at Helium)

Quiet like a queen walking, Granddad snuck into my room. He woke me up when he sat on my bed and stroked my hair. Because it was dark, he said he couldn't see where my head was and he accidentally stroked my bosom too. Silly Granddad.

Mummy told me if he EVER did anything like that, I had to get my storybook duck onto him. Mummy bought me a special squeaky book, full of quacking duckies. She showed me how to hide it under my pillow and how to keep pressing the mother duck so that it would make big quacks to wake up Grandma and scare silly Granddad away. Mummy said that the storybook and Grandma would help keep me safe. It was like a safety alarm.

I love Granddad and I like it when he tells me I'm his special princess. He told me his princess love kisses were our special secret. Mummy also told me it's not good to have secrets. Secrets can make kids sad. It is better to have surprises. They're like a good secret that ends on an extra special day: like a birthday or Christmas. On those days, you can blab to everyone about what's inside the pretty wrapped present - even if the present is a big tarantula. I like surprises because there's always cake and soft drink. Like at birthday parties. They're cool.

Mummy said when she was a kid she had secrets. The secrets got like scrambled eggs in her head and heart and made her cry all the time. Mummy didn't have nice people near her, not even Granddad and Grandma. Nobody helped her give her secrets a bath to clean them up. My Mum had to walk around with scrambled eggs in her head for 20 years. Yuk. Because the secret scrambles smelt so much Mummy went to a doctor to help fix them. She went to a talk doctor. I don't know how the talk doctor washed out her mind. Maybe he talked to her while he stuck a cleaner in her ear and hosed out her mind.

The talk doctor talked to Grandma too and finally Grandma believed about the stuck egg in Mum's head. I don't know why Granddad had to go away to clean his scrambled eggs but it took almost a whole year to get him cleaned up. Mummy was still a bit dirty inside her head and she said that she didn't trust anyone anymore, 'specially Granddad.

When it was time for the new little baby to come out of Mummy's tummy she had to ring Grandma to come and look after me. Grandma wouldn't come without Granddad. Grandma told Mummy that Granddad had promised not to cook me scrambled eggs. Mummy said Grandma was sort of safe and that Grandma would bonk Granddad over the head if he tried to play secret games with me. Grandma hates ducks and if she hears one quacking, she'd grab her broom and come to chase it away. So, Mummy bought me a squeaky duck storybook as our surprise noise to wake up Grandma. Because it was a surprise, I could not quack it just any old time. No sir!

Yesterday, when Granddad snuck into my room like a Queen walking, I kept pressing my squeaky book. In the middle of the night mother duck's quacks were very loud. When Grandma came running in she must have forgotten the broom. She sure bought her voice though! She yelled at Granddad. She told him she was going to divorce him. I know what that is because that's what happened to my Dad too! That's scary.

Grandma must have really hated ducks because she called the Policemen. The Policemen took Granddad to sleep somewhere else and Grandma slept in my bed with me. The Policemen said it was time for me to be safe and that Grandma had done a good thing. They said that Granddad did a very bad thing because he touched my private bosom.

When Mummy bought the baby back to live with us, we all called him Duckie. His real name was Duke and he was ugly, a bit yellow and all wrinkled up: an ugly duckie! Mummy said that Duke would never meet Granddad and that we wouldn't have to teach Duke about surprise duck sounds to keep him safe. I don't think Duke would need a squeaky duck book because he scares people away with his crying!

The end. No more to tell because Duke is making too much noise.

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Thank you BC. It is always lovely to receive positive feedback.

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