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Hine shines on sexual predator

Deputy Chief Magistrate Brian Hine (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) has shone his spot light right into the eyes of an Indian tourist wanting to migrate to Australia. The tourist is charged, and refused bail, for allegedly sexually assaulting a young mother, walking in a Brisbane park with her children, and (the following day in the same park) a 15-year-old school girl. In addition to the sexual assaults, the 26 year old, male, Indian tourist allegedly pretended to be a police officer.

Magistrate Hine has taken a tough line on predatory sexual behaviour and I congratulate him. The indicators of future sexual risk are prevalent in the Brisbane based tourist’s reported behavior. Until our communities take a strong stand against sexual predators, sexual assaults will continue. To prey sexually on adults is horrific, but to prey on children is despicable, abhorrent and worthy of the most severe penalties.

If the Indian tourist is found guilty, I can only hope that his application for migration to Australia is not considered. Now…where can we send all the resident Australian sex offenders off to should they ever again offend? Oh, hang on, didn’t they send them all to Australia once upon a time? Is that why Australia was called a penal settlement?

Thank you Magistrate Hine. May other’s now follow your precedent.

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