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Child Protection Billboard Funded by Celebrity Purses.

Signs warning parents of sexual predators have swum around my head all night. Yesterday’s successful Crocodile warnings have made a positive impact on me. Thinking further through the issue, I decided that creating fear in parents trying to protect their children from sexual predators is disempowering. Positive, non-fear based campaigns are empowering and can be owned by a greater part of any community.

To have a roadside billboard, positively displaying the elements of a Protective Behaviour program may act as a constant visual reminder of what to do to keep kids safe. The billboard could positively remind parents to put a hat and sun screen on their child, swim between the flags, wear seatbelts, look before crossing the road, keep poisons out of reach and clearly state the tenets of the BITSS model of personal safety: Body Ownership, Intuition, Touch, Say No and Support Network.

Billboards reach millions of motorists on a daily basis. Effective but expensive advertising that is way outside of my meager budget. How to achieve such a large scale, community focused and positive protective behaviour campaign???

Purse for a Curse © Megan Bayliss 2006 is an idea I had some months ago. We were discussing the value of Shave for a Cure and the phrase and idea just popped into my head. Partner (a business consultant) loved “Purse for a Curse” immediately. It is catchy, focused and could fundraise for several social curse areas: child sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, environmental causes, etc.

The idea born to me overnight is to hold an auction of celebrity donated and unique purses, bags or wallets. Monies raised from the auction would then fund a Protective Behaviour roadside billboard, spreading a protective message to as many people as possible.

What do readers think of the idea? Would this work in your community? How would you react to a Protective Behaviour billboard? Does anyone have a personal relationship with Oprah Winfrey? I would love her to donate a handbag or purse to kick off “Purse for a Curse”.

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