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WARNING: Crocodiles harm kids

Warning: Crocodiles will hurt our kids.

We went to Forrest Beach for a picnic and swim but the beach was closed due to Crocodile sightings. No body was walking the beach, swimming or even standing at the top of the sand watching for those sneaky and very dangerous crocks.

Two prominent signs clearly warned of the danger. A group of lifeguards rested in the shade under the coconut trees, casually keeping an eye on our movements. There was no way I was going near water’s edge so there was no need for the lifeguards to rouse from their resting positions to caution me.

It struck me how effective the warning signs were and how seriously and responsibly residents and holidaymakers were taking the crocodile sightings and warnings.

Given that sexual predators lurk in the waters of our neighbourhoods, just waiting to snap up our children, I wondered if we should perhaps erect similar warning signs. In Australia, sexual predators, in jail, are referred to as Rock Spiders. Some people also call them Short Eyes or Kiddie Fiddlers. I think I’ll rename them as crocodiles. I would like to see warning signs and posters throughout our community, warning parents of the ever present and real danger of these predators waiting to snap our children.

When exiting jail there is no requirement for communities to know who the child sexual abusers are, there is no process of notification of towns they are living in, nor is there any external sign that states that these people are a hidden threat to our children.

Lurking in the still waters of complacency, these sexual predators do not close our beaches, our roads, our neighbourhoods or our communities. They do not create a ripple of concern because everyday Mums and Dads like you and I cannot see them and are not aware of them.

Many more children are harmed by child sexual abusers than are people taken by Crocodiles. Who cares? I DO!

Be warned. Crocodiles lurk here. Their favorite food are children and the complacency that offers our children up like an entrée.

Educate your children in protective behaviours. Let your children know that if someone tries to touch their private parts that it is okay to yell at them and come and tell you. Just like you are preparing for Christmas, prepare your children for crocodile danger. Give them the hunting skills required to recognise crocodile tracks and the water safety to know when to swim away from dangerous rips.

Crocodiles are protected. You cannot harm or kill them but you can warn people of the danger. Sex offenders also have rights. What do you think of a warning sign strategy on the front of homes where released child sexual abusers reside?

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