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Protective Behaviours at Wait-a-While Nature Refuge

Protecting children by protecting the environment is a task that Aaron and Lyn Davey of Wait-a-While Nature Refuge have achieved to perfection. My family and I have just had the ultimate, soul cleansing pleasure of spending a night in the magnificent pole home and tropical rain forest surrounds, lovingly nurtured and shared by Aaron and Lyn. Committed to ecology, conservation and now eco tourism by default through their sharing personalities, this wonderful young couple has created a natural and protective refuge for both animal and human being alike.

Wait-a-While Nature Refuge protects one of the last vegetated linkages between the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and the lower reaches of the Russell River. Situated on Woopen Creek Road, Mirriwinni, Far North Queensland, Australia, Aaron and Lyn have dedicated their land to protecting and sustaining the life of our native fauna and flora. Wait-a-While Nature Refuge is heaven in the sticks.

Like our other most precious resource, our children, our rainforest ecology requires protection and consciousness raising in those predators that rape, prostitute and exploit our environment. Lyn and Aaron’s protective commitment to consciousness raising and their spectacular tropical rainforest surrounds melted my heart as if it was an ice cube beside a volcano.

Amongst the splendor of their rainforest haven, I found like-minded people of protection who live what they preach. They speak the language of protective behaviours, in a global and environmental tongue, that crosses the boundaries of age, race, creed and organic matter. Animal, plant, mineral or human, you are guaranteed preservation and the ultimate of respectful care in the hands of Aaron and Lyn.

About to open their home and nature refuge as a bed and breakfast, we had the honour of being trial houseguests. What an experience. I am still rainforest kissed on every part of my relaxed body. I so wanted to wait-a-while longer, to stay and talk further with them. I wanted to soak in their socially responsible ethics, their commitment and their passion for protecting our world, their ambience, their service, their humble gratitude to life and their emotionally and intellectually stimulating environ.

Their three-story timber pole home is immaculate in presentation and in blending with the environment. Huge covered decks offer views of every angle of their 45-hectare nature refuge. From the Russel River to the tapestry of rainforest greens tightly bodiced onto a hem of rich, healthy red rainforest soil, the ambience and learning the home offers is divine.

A well-traveled and delightful couple, they have furnished their home to reflect the many paths of a protective life trod by themselves and their international visitors to date. Soft and hard furnishings whisper of the struggle of our globes first world people, of an environment under repair, and of a young couple who have devoted their life to protection and regeneration.

The world needs more Aaron and Lyn’s. Soak in their non-toxic contagion by visiting their heaven and enjoy your visiting status of Rainforest Fairy Queen or King as you revel in the beauty of their unique bed and breakfast accommodation right in the middle of a nature refuge.

Not quite open to the public, I will be sure to link this blog to their web site once they are ready to invite you to step into their world vision of a sustainable future. Affordable, unique and amazingly special, an overnight visit to Wait-a-While Nature Refuge Bed and Breakfast at Mirriwini will be symbolic of a fragile and precious, rare fern grown strong in your visit to our diverse world heritage area of Far North Queensland Australia.

Aaron and Lyn of Wait-a-While Nature Refuge, thank you for helping to protect our children by first protecting our environment.

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