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Suffolk Killer: YOU Stay off the Streets.

Suffolk killer, you stay off the streets. In scenes reminiscent of the Yorkshire Ripper, Police are again calling for women in Suffolk to stay indoors. This curfew of innocent women was instrumental in the development of the Reclaim the Night Movement that rose out of the Yorkshire Ripper murders.

Women have the right to go when and where they want. With rights comes responsibility. Rather than deny rights of women (stay indoors) surely it would be more beneficial to caution people to use their intuition, their sense of responsibility in not wandering alone and more importantly, call on the Suffolk killer to curfew himself.

The Suffolk Killer knows he is doing wrong. He knows he is creating heartache, fear and paranoia. This is why he does it. He has a need to prove himself, to create a further imbalance of power and control. He wants women to stay inside. He wants working women, prostitutes, to be his pretty little kittens, things to be played with and then killed. He wants the attention of a media frenzy because it is the only way he can be important.

No more. This is 2006 and women remain punished by structures meant to police crime. Is our crime that we are born women? No, our crime is that murderers know they can bash, rape or murder us because society does not intervene in their escalation of sexually deviant behaviours until it is too late.

Somebody, somewhere knows something about the Suffolk Killer. I urge you to pass your information to the police. As much as I despise the acts of murder perpetrated by the Suffolk Killer, he requires attention other than that he is currently creating. Give him no more media, give him the help he needs.

I have never been a supporter of the death penalty. Truth in sentencing yes, but the death sentence has always concerned me. It is cases like the Suffolk Killer scenario that may well sway my mind and encourage me to advocate for the death penalty.

To the women, children and men of Suffolk, my thoughts of safety are with you all. Please stay responsible, vigilant and safe. To the families of the five women murdered by the Suffolk Killer, my deepest condolences and grief are with you.

To the Suffolk Killer: you stay off the streets.

What do readers think about 1) the death penalty for murderers, and
2) giving the Suffolk Killer no more media?

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5 Response to "Suffolk Killer: YOU Stay off the Streets."

john said...

a sick ten minutes of fame.likely ever been with a woman.sicko,do the decent thing and just hang yourself.

Megan Bayliss said...

Thanks for your comments John. I think a lot of people may have similar thoughts but most will keep their strong views private. Good for you for taking a stance.
Stay safe and Merry Christmas.

the brit said...

I believe that two issues are raised by this case. Firstly, in my view the media are being irresponsible in the way that they virtually glorify these savage acts.

Secondly, if one is against the death penalty, it is important that the penalty imposed upon the perpetrator should be in accordance with the crime. For example, life imprisonment should mean whole of natural life.

In addition, I believe it is time that society as a whole started to eradicate the "labelling" of demographic groups. The use of these girls work to promote paper sales is, in my view, an appalling abuse of their rights to be treated as respected human beings.

the brit

Megan Bayliss said...

Hey Brit
nice to see you. Touche on the time fitting the crime - life SHOULD mean life. Truth in sentencing is one of those issues that really gets me fired up. However, this case has disturbed me to a level where I am wondering if there are cases where death as a punishment is warranted.

There are some ethical journalists around. What a shame that the industry as a whole does not subscribe to ethics of the highest order and social justice principles that recognise people as people.

What sort of media coverage is this getting in the UK? Are the families of the women being respected? It's not lead story here.

My circle of friends are all sending their thoughts to the town of Ipswitch and in particular, to the families of the women.

the brit said...

Generally there is little attention being paid to the grief the families are suffering, just the photos plastered over every newspaper and the inappropriate headlines.

I did hear a radio interview today with one of the young lady's father. He was naturally distraught. He had no idea of what she did for a living as she had told him something else. The interviewer then asked a stupid question "What do you think of your daughter now?"

The father went beserk. He told the audience how important his love for his daughter was and how it made no difference to him. She was his child and always would be. What he had lost could never be replaced. Some people are so insensitive.

It is a very sad story, and one which makes me grieve for the families and the ladies themselves.

Let's hope that it ends soon and they can find some peace somewhere.

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