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Australia Week. G’day LA and NY

Australian food, wine, fashion, film, arts, lifestyle, trade and investment, indigenous culture and tourism, the best of Australia says G’day. Promoting awareness and commercial return for both Australian and American interests, Australia Week 2007 sets up camp this week in Los Angeles and New York.

Steve Irwin (killed last September from a sting ray barb to the chest while furthering awareness of Australian marine life), the Croc Hunter, will be missed but honoured, and will receive a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award, while Russell Crowe will receive an honour for his film achievements. A Family Day Concert caters to the Australian appetite of curious families in LA & NY. Australia’s favourite daughter in-law and granddaughter, Terri and Bindi Irwin (Australia Zoo), take to the stage with the Crocmen, and The Wiggles! Bindi Irwin is fastly becoming the face of Australian tourism and what a great job that little Aussie girl is doing.

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Australia Week: G’day LA and NY. Don’t miss out. Check out the program of events to find out which taste of Australia is coming to a place near you.

Some other famous Australians furthering the plight of abused children (please add their names and links in comments so that we have a full and comprehensive list):

Pat Rafter (Tennis): Cherish the Children Foundation

Nicole Kidman (Actress): UNICEF ambassodor.

Shane Warne (Cricket): The Shane Warne Foundation

Geoffrey Rush (Actor): Silent Emergencies Appeal, UNICEF

Ian Thorpe (Swimming): Fountain for Youth.

UPDATE 20.1.06: Bindi Irwin wins them over with her impassioned vow about following her Daddy's work as a Wildlife Warrior. See news story at Bindi, Terri Irwin charm reporters.

2 Response to "Australia Week. G’day LA and NY"

Sue Bayliss said...

Great blog, Megan. Exciting isn't it? Wish I could have been there! For such a little girl, Bindi looked radiant (and Terri) from what I could see on the TV. Terrific to see our Aussies doing so well in the entertainment industry and all the other areas too. Equally good to see they have made commitments to such important groups needing support. Seems to be a real Aussie thing. Makes me proud to be Aussie - always have been anyway but, I still like to get in a word here and there about both our Geordie heritage and our blown-away Vikings heritage, not to mention the rest of it. Even some good old convict stock in there too!

Megan Bayliss said...

Yes, Australains, and Australia, have a lot to offer. I feel for the Irwin family. With all of their trauma over Steve's death they still keep up their public profile and stay amazingly positive. Good luck to them.

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