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Fone Zone Supports Abused Child Trust

Thumbs up to Fone Zone. Fone Zone is Australia’s largest specialist communications retailer specialising in mobile phones, accessories and wireless data technologies. But, more importantly than that: Fone Zone officially supports the Abused Child Trust.

Trying to track down Isabelle Lucas (Cairns girl and Australian actress: Tasha from Home and Away) for a fund raising initiative for the Abused Child Trust, I inadvertently discovered Fone Zone’s support of child abuse. Thumbs up to Fone Zone. Why not consider supporting them in return by purchasing your communication technology from them.

Many organizations support charity or have sound corporate social responsibility policies and procedures. Many of these organizations also keep their commitments quiet and ask for no recognition in return. While I understand the reasoning behind this, I also value public discourse on child sexual abuse and concerted community support of ending the pandemic curse on society. Support of child abuse charities is something to celebrate, make public and encourage of others.

Should you wish me to blog about your support of a charity that supports abused children, particularly child sexual abuse prevention, please leave a comment including a link and contact details of who I can talk to. Prevalence research supports that one in three female children are sexually abused. Those numbers equate to consumer driven power begging to do something to support ending child abuse themselves. Often unable to be proactive themselves, they may just be willing to support your business because you publicly support child abuse prevention or intervention.

We already purchase our communication technology through Fone Zone. Now that I know they support the Abused Child Trust I may well just have to update my mobile phone.

Congratulations, and thank you Fone Zone.

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