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Domestic Violence IS Child Abuse. Story From A Child.

My name is Deidre and I am seven. I like jumping on the trampoline (all the way up to the clouds), watching Saddle Club after school, and sneaking an extra Chocolate Crackle when Mummy and the dandy fairies are not looking.

Mum caught me yesterday arve and now I'm grounded! Them dumb fairies must have told on me. I"m not allowed to watch T.V or to go to Donna's house to play. It sux! At least Mum didn't smack my face like she used to. I hate that.

Mum's not always mean. Sometimes she's so good that she lets me sit in the front seat on the way home from school. I love that. Dad growls at Mum when she does that but, becos he reckons it's illegal and the Cops will take me away. Dumb Government. They hate kids so they make dumb rules to punish us all.

So what dumb thing will I do this afternoon? Mum's busy and she's cranky anyhow. Better to stay away from her. Ill just lie on the grass here and do cloud discovery. Dumb clouds. They all look like horses. I wonder what's on Saddle Club right now?

Hey! What's that tickling my underarm? A dandelion! Pretty. I like them. They make wishes come true becos when you blow them all the little furry bits turn into fairies and race each other to take your wish to the Fairy Queen. The more furry fairies that get there, the bigger the chance that Fairy Queen will make your wish come true.

Blooooooooooo.....look at them fly all over... I dandelion wish that my Mum and Dad didn't fight all the time .

Hey! I hear Daddy's car in the driveway. He's home early. Hooray. Uh oh. He's singing, "Isn't it a Dandy Day." That's bad. That means he got drunked at big lunch and didn't go back to his job. Now he's going to be all feral and there's going to be a big fight. Mum will act like a farocious lion too, and they'll get into it. Hey you dumb fairies! I didn't wish for a Dandy Lion, I just found a dandelion and wished for no fighting. Even the fairies are dumb and feral. That reminds me, I used to see a lady called Megan. She was a feral ferapist. I called her that becos she used to take her shoes off, real feral like, and she was a ferapist.

She told me that when Mum and Dad fight I had to carry out my safety plan. The plan we made up together was to go and sit in the front yard under the Frangipani tree where all them nosey neighbors could see me. It doesn't matter how much Mummy screams when Daddy hits her I am not allowed to go back inside the house. Megan also said that if a Cop car comes they ARE NOT coming to take me away becos I sat in the front seat. They are coming to help me not be scared. But I'm scared now becos Daddy is yelling that he has to tame the lion. This is not dandy so I'd better go out front and sit under the Frangipani tree. Dumb fairies! I hate them now. I wished that my Mum and Dad didn't be fighting all the time.

My name's Deidre and I don't like it when my Daddy hits my Mummy becos I get scared.


To read a creative story on domestic and sexual violence, written from the voice of a young adult, have a look at Nighttime Explored.

Photo courtesy of Madmaven at SXC Photo Exchange. Thank you for such a beautiful picture. My dandelion wish is that all children could be as carefree as the child in the picture.

1 Response to "Domestic Violence IS Child Abuse. Story From A Child."

The Troll said...

It is refreshing that your perspective here in this story actually posits a woman "mum" as an abuser--quite off of the beaten path of denying female perpetrated abuse exists, and a good step forward towards encouraging a wider dialogue.

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