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Imaginif Jobs for Child Safety Writers

Imaginif is about to launch a new protective behaviour concept: the largest on-line child protection conversation in the world.

Conversation topics covered will include, but not be limited to:

  • Water, sun, farm, poison, snow and road safety (each is a separate category).

  • Child sexual assault prevention.

  • Healthy and safe food for kids.

  • Travel safety.

  • Internet Safety.

  • Gang safety.

  • Bully safety.

  • Teenage and dating safety.

  • Domestic violence safety.

  • Business protection and safety.

  • Assist dogs for children with a disability.

  • Covert child photography safety.
To meet our aim of the largest global and ongoing child protection conversation we would like to attract trade specific writers willing to commit to writing just one child safety focused blog per week, answer comments on their blog and participate (at least once per week) in associated discussions in the child safety forums.

Applicant writers will be considered either expert or highly knowledgeable in their nominated area of child safety, will send a bio, three samples of their writing and two email referees to Megan for consideration and be willing to interact with Imaginif, via email or phone, if accepted.

This is a voluntary position and your commitment would be for a minimum three months. You may be able to do it as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility if you are staff of a progressive and socially responsible company. Alternatively, you may be like me and consider child safety so important that you are willing to write for the passion of it.

Accepted bloggers will email their weekly writing to Megan Bayliss (maximum 1000 words, average 550 words, no fewer that 350 words) to be posted on the new site. Blogs will contain a short bio of the blogger at the end of each blog with a link to either bloggers own site or place of business. In text linking back to own business, other articles or industry specific sites is encouraged. What a great way to increase traffic to your site.

Bloggers who have English as a second language are welcome to send duplicate posts: one in English and one in their mother tongue. Publishing both ensures that people who don’t speak English can still become part of the largest on-line child protection conversation in the world.

Volunteer writers will retain copyright of their material but please respect that once posted it should not be posted word for word elsewhere.

The new global conversation on child protection site will be monetized with Google AdSense and financial sponsor logos. This is required to meet hosting and site upkeep fees. Imaginif chooses to work independently without any government funding and supports the site from our other business income (sale of protective behaviour resources and consulting). Should you be accepted as a blogger, your company’s logo can be included on the front page at no financial cost. Your blogging will become your or your company’s, in kind support. If the new concept raises profit from the monetization of the site, decisions will be then made surrounding whether to share the profit pro rata with bloggers or to donate to a child sexual abuse prevention charity.

It is anticipated that the global conversation on child protection will launch in March 2007. There is no time frame on application for these voluntary jobs. Writers will come and go. Please send this to people you may think will be interested.

For more information, contact me at I’m looking forward to entering into the largest on-line child protection conversation in the world with you.

For application tips, have a look at ProBlogger Darren Rowse' article: How to Apply for a Blog Job

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3 Response to "Imaginif Jobs for Child Safety Writers"

Brit & Grit said...

Hi Megan

I think this is a great and worthy cause.

the Brit

Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Brit
thanks for your support. This has been a long time coming but it's finally now happening.
It also explains why I haven't visited you guys for the last week: I have been busy with the logistics of it.
Feel free to send it on to other writers.
Are either of you interested?

the Brit said...

Hi Megan

I have just posted an item at that has some relevance to this issue.

If you have the time to take a look, please let me know if you feel it adds value to your cause, and if you think that it means I could add something to your cause I would be happy to help if you let me know what I can do.


the Brit

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