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Topical Whensday: When to Support Ending Child Sexual Assault

Child Sexual Assault must cease. It is a shame to our modern, evolved world that some people use sex as a weapon of power against our children. It is a greater shame that many of us do not know what or when we can do something helpful to fight against the social curse of child sexual abuse.

During 2007, I urge you to assist at least 2007 people affected by child abuse. With prevalence figures like one in three, it is not difficult to help 2007 people in 2007. You do not need to know these people and you will get no return other than knowing that you have helped to improve the life of people affected by a hideous crime. This is a fantastic return, far greater than real estate or stock exchange can ever produce.

Don’t wait until a person tells you they are a survivor of child sexual abuse. The majority of people never tell their secret. When to support ending Child Sexual Abuse is now: today, before you even know anybody affected. The more we support the cause and the more we talk about it, the easier it will be for men, women and children to disclose. Disclosure leads to sexual predators thinking twice about abusing our kids.

Every month this year, undertake to do a simple action that will have multiple impact on ending Child Sexual Abuse. Here are 12 ideas to get you started.

1. Donate used clothing, toys, books, trinkets, or household items to charities that assist families made homeless through sexual assault or family violence.

2. Save your small coins in a single container and donate to a child-focused charity at the end of 2007. On January 1, we began putting all of our five cent coins in a vase and will donate to the Abused Child Trust. The vase sits near our front door and I’ll be encouraging visitors to also make a small coin donation.

3. Teach your children Protective Behaviours and have open conversations in your home about the importance of telling someone if anyone touches or scares your child.

4. Set up a small monthly donation to a child-focused charity. Five dollars per month may not be missed from your budget but $5.00 x 12 = $60.00.

5. Support a business that supports Child Sexual Abuse.

6. Save Motel soaps and shampoos and donate to a rape crisis centre.

7. Contact a Rape Crisis Centre and ask what they need for people who have just been raped. Following the medical examination, many people who have been raped lose their clothing to evidence. Underwear, shirts and shoes take a large chunk of a helping service’s budget.

8. Buy and read a book (fiction or non-fiction) about child sexual abuse. Stepping into a survivors shoes helps to firm your commitment to ending sexual abuse.

9. Talk with a person who has been sexually abused. Find out about their life. Ask what you could do to improve their situation. Find a way to help them.

10. Ask clubs you are involved in to hold a fund raiser for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

11. Link to sites or blogs about child sexual abuse. The more people who publicly say they support ending child sexual abuse, the faster the sexual predators will get the message that their behaviour is wrong.

12. Leave 12 comments on blogs about sexual abuse. When survivors see no comments, they wrongly think that nobody cares about sexual abuse. Show survivors that you do care and that you are willing to help them have a voice. Start here. Leave a comment. Many of my survivor clients read this blog.

When to Support Ending Child Sexual Assault? Start today.

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2 Response to "Topical Whensday: When to Support Ending Child Sexual Assault"

Marcella Chester said...

Great list. Many people assume if they can't do something to stop the entire problem that they can't do anything that makes a real and significant difference.

Megan Bayliss said...

Thanks Marcella. It's usually the smallest things that make the biggest difference. I sincerely hope that someone now visits your site, reads about sexual abuse and leaves a comment. How easy is that in the fight against sexual abuse.
You take care.

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