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Voluntary Blogging Jobs Update

I have begun receiving applications for the voluntary blogging jobs for the world’s largest on-line child protection conversation. Thank you to those who have contacted.

Please ensure that your applications are complete. Until I have all of your information to review I have to keep putting your application aside.

As stated on the Problogger job board, to apply you are required to provide the following information by email:

  1. Applications are to be sent by email (imaginifatbigponddotcomdotau).

  2. Applicants may apply for two separate child safety topic areas. Please state the area of child safety you would be writing in.

  3. Applicant writers will demonstrate in application a high knowledge in their nominated area of child safety by:
    * addressing particular dynamics of the issue and why you want to write in the area for no remuneration,
    * sending a short bio with a link to your blog or web site,
    * providing three samples of your writing (two previously published pieces please, this can be links to blog articles),
    * attaching a succinct resume or Curriculum Vitae and,
    * supply two referees (name, position and email address).

  4. Applications with either a current suitability card for working with children or criminal clearance are highly desirable but not absolutely necessary. Please include a scanned copy or make arrangements to fax or snail mail to Imaginif.

  5. Finally, if accepted applicants must be willing to interact with Imaginif, via email or phone. Please agree to this in your application.

  6. I had overlooked asking applicants to state the country they live in and whether there is a plan to post duplicate blogs: one in clear English and one in their mother tongue. Please do include this information as email addresses do not always make it clear where the application hails from.

If you need help with applying for these voluntary blogging positions please have a look at How to Apply for a Blog Job .

The advertising benefits to you during your duration as a voluntary blogger include:

  • Photo or Graphic on the About Us page including links back to your web pages and/or blogs.
  • Link to your web page or blog on the Links page and in blogroll.
  • Rotating banner display (must be supplied as ready).
  • Signature links to your page/s at end of each of your blogs.
  • You retain copyright of your material so you are free to post it elsewhere as well.

Please note that the bloggers will not be blogging to this blog, Child Protection: Serious Business. Imaginif is having a purpose built and highly interactive web site developed ( The site will be ready to go live by the end of May 2007 and will include blogs written by many child safety focused writers and a pumping forum where members can raise any topics about child safety, child protection and what they are doing that works to keep their kids safe.

I’m looking forward to entering into the largest on-line, global conversation about child safety with you.

3 Response to "Voluntary Blogging Jobs Update"

jumpinginpuddles said...
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jumpinginpuddles said...

ok the registration form for people like us where? And the bar youve set is very high for those who want to join the team, i hope those who arent professionals also get a chance.

Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Jumping
we're both night owls tonight. hey.
If you go to you can register for the safety talk forum there.
There’s 5 buttons under the blue bar at the top of page: Home, Help, Search, Login and Register. Click register and the registration form comes up for you. Once you’ve registered you need to then login (this is for security reasons).

I am so glad you are going to join.

Now, writing: we would welcome your application as a voluntary writer. In fact, I would love to get it. You have a lot to offer and if you lived near me I'd be taking you into my lectures to impart some real life learning for students.

You only think the bar is too high because you are not fully believing in your ability.

Send me an email with all the asked for info in it. We'll be going through the newest lot of applications within the next fortnight. There's three of us who go through them separately and then together.

We are not just looking for professionals. Most parents do the right thing aand try to keep their kids safe. You are one of those parents Jumping - a professional safety parent.

I'm for bed now. Night.


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