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Woolworths raised $4.7 million for Drought Relief

A giant fund raising top up from a giant Australian grocery retailer has helped thousands of farming families affected by harsh drought conditions and dieing livelihoods.

Woolworths raised $4.7 million for the Drought Relief effort and exceeded their expectations of $3 million. CONGRATULATIONS Woolworths and congratulations to every person that shopped in either Woolworths or Safeway supermarkets on January 23.

In the fair dinkum Australian Tall Poppy cut down mentality, Woolworths was subjected to criticism for holding their day of fund raising (100% of profit went to the drought relief) on what is traditionally their slowest day of the week. Further, two thirds of the funds have been given to the Country Women’s Association to disperse as Woolworths or Safeway vouchers. The criticism abounded with claims that Woolworths gives, but takes back. Where is the altruism in that?

It would appear that the traditionally quiet trading Tuesdays broke tradition on Tuesday the 23rd of January 2007. I for one, did not shop for three weeks leading up to the day so that I could do a massive grocery shop to support our Australian farming families. I know of a few friends who also did the same. The over target by $1.7 million would suggest that perhaps many others followed similar shopping patterns.

The use of Woolworths or Safeway vouchers to assist families is something that they would not have had if Woolworths had not dedicated their profit to the drought relief. Australians are quick to deficit saturate any business initiatives designed to help others. All I can say is, if you don’t like what Woolworths did, then do something better. Help our families. Spend less effort on cutting down giants and more effort on being proactive and community spirited yourselves. Our future, our children are in trouble because of the crippling drought facing parts of our country. We all need to help them: individuals, groups, small and big business.

Community support belongs in the community. Thank goodness though that we’ve got the Woolworths of the world because as a nation we’re not good at recognising individual need as it occurs. Rather we wait until the big boys organise relief efforts and then we freely give our support. Generous we are but gee I’d like to see us lose our penchant for cutting down the tall poppies.

Congratulations and thank you Woolworths. Your corporate social responsibility puts many other businesses to shame.

Any comments to Woolworths? I’ll be forwarding this post to their Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

1 Response to "Woolworths raised $4.7 million for Drought Relief"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

I always adore the kangaroos on your site. I hope to find in the future some of my favorite animal : the Koala.
What concerns : Woolworths grocerie: I appreciate what they did and I am happy they could bring such a great amount of more than 4 million dollar in that fund.

Many banks offer these days funds which invest in shares or bonds; why can't they make a fund where a certain percentage goes to such actions or other institutions who want to do something against child abuse and surely sexual child abuse.


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