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Click for Kids at the Child Health Site

Here’s a free and easy way to help maximum numbers of children at risk: The Child Health Site offers a daily email service reminding you to click their link and help children in need: without buying a thing or leaving your house. I've been doing it every day since last August.

Dear Megan,

Your friendly Friday reminder from The Child Health Site: Make a difference today!

Click on the blue button at The Child Health Site
and make health services possible that will save and improve the lives of children living in poverty. It's free.


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Every item you purchase helps at least 4.5 children get the health care they need to survive and thrive. Thank you!

Interested in another fast, free and easy way to give children living in poverty a chance at a healthy life? Remember The Child Health Site when shopping your favorite shops online.

Shop at the more than 175 major online retailers in The Child Health Site shopping village, and a portion of every dollar you spend will go toward health services for children in need -- automatically and at no extra cost to you.

Click here to visit
The Child Health Site shopping village.

The village is always accessible via the "Merchants Who Help" link in the left hand menu of our home page.

Thank you for your support!


The Child Health Site

For those who prefer to click for other causes, the site also has instructions for clicking to help Breast Cancer, Rainforests, Hunger, Animal Rescue and Literacy. Go on, subscribe and click. It costs you nothing and allows you to know you are doing something to help the world's underprivileged children.

After posting Support 2007 Children to Have a Happy New Year I know of at least one person who took up the challange to click daily. Thanks Birdwing.

Have you ever been to countries where the children live with great harm? What was the impact on you and did it change the way you help children?

2 Response to "Click for Kids at the Child Health Site"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

I visited in the past surely countries where many children have difficulties to surveive. Not enough money, not enough food and it was terrible to see such problems.
I saw it many times in Asian and also in Africa and I think some places in the continent of America.

We couldn't help these people; our tourleader said that we could give clothes or little gifts but no money but it is terrible if you can't do something more.

Of course it changed my vision and I consider that we have many comfort compared by these people.
The problem is always we can do some gifts but when we are sure that the money reach these people. We read very often that the money goes to the people who don't need it and the people who have nothing don't get anything.
The same if we do gift for by example the cancer funds; we can do some gifts but if we know some people who suffer from these disease they can't get any help.

I would that I could be sure if I do a gift that the right person receive it. If I know some persons who have these problems and I can do a gift to them immediately I surely do.

Megan, don't forget I try to visit your blog daily but of course there are days that I don't find the time but I read every article in your blog.


Megan Bayliss said...

Hey Erik

good point you raise about sometimes money not being the best thing to give. I support one family by giving bags of food: I NEVER give them cash because of their dependency issues.

I grew up in Papua New Guinea. When we travelled to remote villages we would always take little gifts (soap, hair stuff, chocolate, etc) because money caused too many problems.

Helping is probably the most helpful gift to give to someone in need. A smile and a kind word, make them a cup of coffee, give them a ring when they least expect it: these simple gestures of support often mean a lot to a family in need.

Thank you Erik for being a regular visitor and a reader of all articles. The movement against child sexual abuse appreciates the interest you have shown and your willingness to leave comments.

I hope that many people visit your site and learn something of the beautiful part of the world you live in. I LOVE your articles about your home town.

Take care and stay safe.

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