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How to Find Comments About Sexual Abuse Prevention and Action

It takes time to search for articles and blogs of topical interest. For those who are interested in issues of child sexual abuse there are two ongoing Blog Carnivals capturing a range of views, comments and political persuasions:

Carnival Against Sexual Violence

Carnival Against Child Abuse

What is a Blog Carnival? A Blog Carnival is a particular kind of blog community. There are many kinds of blogs, and they contain articles on many kinds of topics. Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. A Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis (e.g. every Monday, or on the first of the month). Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks.

The plethora of information in the blog-o-sphere makes finding interesting stuff difficult. If there is a carnival for a topic you are interested in, following that carnival is a great way to learn what bloggers are saying about that topic, and often about you. If you are blogging on a specific topic, the carnival is the place to share your work with like-minded bloggers and readers.

Blog Carnival lists all carnivals available and provides information on how and where to submit your blog articles.

If you are blogging around any issues of sexual violence please do consider submitting your entries to either of the above two carnivals. The greater discourse created about ending sexual violence, the sooner our children can grow slowly into being fully functional adults.

How wonderful would it be to get to a point where sexual violence is wiped out and we can all become protective Seekers, singing The Carnival is Over.

I’ve got an article in the current Carnival Against Sexual Violence, check it out.

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