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The Royal Flush on Child Sexual Abuse

Tatts and Tiara Day, a Valentine’s Day fundraiser for those who experience the opposite of love, now awaits the jewel in the crown – knowing how much money was raised nationally for the Abused Child Trust. Obviously, I’m not a candidate for Australian Princess. My tiara gave me a headache and I had to keep taking it off. This gave me cause for reflection though. How easy it was for me to just toss my tiara aside and get on with my life.

For many of our world’s children they are unable to toss their headache aside and get on with life. They live with the daily threat and experience of abuse. Without committed individuals and agencies to assist their plight, these children may grow into hurt, scared and dysfunctional adults. Is this how we want our future leaders to be?

Child Protection is the responsibility of all of us. I was not encouraged in knowing that our community cares by the few business houses displaying Tatts and Tiaras posters and selling Abused Child Trust merchandise this Valentines Day.

A quick content analysis of our local paper revealed 15 advertisements for Valentine’s Day and NO advertising supporting those who experience dysfunctional love (abuse) on Valentine’s Day.

We live in a fiscal world where cash is king. Advertising is expensive and child abuse does not equate to increased profit lines for corporations. Or does it? If one in three children are abused by the time they reach 18 years of age that’s an awful lot of future spenders who may well just support those industries that openly display their corporate responsibility toward child sexual abuse prevention.

Imaginif managed to sell a box of Tatts and Tiaras merchandise. That’s a donation of $115.00 to the Abused Child Trust. Small fry but if only 10 people in my area had done the same that’s $1150.00 that stays in our area to support children and their families affected by child abuse.

In addition to the merchandise sold, Imaginif will be donating the coins collected in our big blue vase since New Year’s Day. Every year we support a different child abuse charity. In 2007, our charity of choice is the Abused Child Trust. Our vase collection, made up of useless 5 cent coins, netted $43.15 in only 45 days. I challenge you to match this amount and donate it straight to the Abused Child Trust or a similar charity in your corner of the world.

Be a Royal – flush child abuse away by supporting a charity that works toward ending child abuse.

4 Response to "The Royal Flush on Child Sexual Abuse"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

I think you should be better the princess of Australia;think about it. Your new picture is nice too.

But you are right we don't see any advertissements for child abuse; like in all the countries : only their profit counts and they don't want to spent money for these people. Regrettable because the companies and people who can afford it to spent a lot of money for these people don't do it. It was nice to read a time ago that some actors like Nicole Kidman and some others did it.
Today I have read that Sharapova, a tennis player, donated a lot of money for poor people; but I think not for child abuse (regrettable)

It should also be better that the money goes right to the abused children because now a lot of money goes to the administration. Of course they need it because they do a good job but maybe there are also organisations necessary who do this work for free


Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Erik

you are good for my self esteem. Thank you. A princess I will never be as I can’t stand wearing jewelery, hate having to wear uncomfortable clothes and get headaches when I tie my hair up – let alone having to wear sparkly things on my head!

Sharapova has done a great thing. Whereas child abuse is the need that I fight for, we need many more people who will take up other social causes, like homelessness. Many, many victims of child abuse end up homeless. Many families are made homeless by finding out that their husband/father is a sexual abuser.

Many social issues goes hand in hand. We cannot fight child abuse without also fighting things like homelessness. I do not have the time or energy to put into other issues so I am always glad to hear what other people are doing.

The Abused Child Trust uses approximately 12% toward administration. While this sounds a lot, its not. To operate a functional and responsive service, good office systems need to be in place with infrastructure that supports being able to work intensively with people. If I had the money I would always increase my donation by 12% to ensure that my full intention reaches the children. But...I rarely have enough money.

Did you notice that I linked to you in this article (as a committed individual). I appreciate your contributions toward ending child sexual abuse and I wanted other to know that you care.

Thank you're as great as Belgium chocolate.

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for the nice words in your comment and I agree that Sharapova better should donate for child abuse but it was just an example that also some rich persons donate money for good purposes. Maybe you can find a way to contact her to donate for child abuse.
Thanks for the link to me in your article (very nice)

What concerns your last comment I am great like Belgium chocolate; there is surely one difference Belgium chocolate is black and I am white (like you)


Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it
Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!

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