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The Link Chain Fence Between Child Sexual Abuse and Homelessness

A 12-year-old boy tells his Mum that her new partner is playing with the boy’s penis all the time. Mum confronts her new partner; he denies it and tosses Mum, her 12-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter out of the house. Suddenly homeless, with no clothes, no money and no social supports, Mum seeks emergency accommodation.

The women’s shelter is unable to house the family as the policies prevent accommodating boys over the age of 11. Mum is forced to leave her son in a homeless boy’s home where he is housed with street hardened boys engaging in crime to survive. And so begins the cycle of homelessness often faced by those affected by child sexual abuse.

Homelessness is another of those social curses that requires community action. In PHOTOS OFFER GLIMPSES INTO HOMELESS LIVES, Jaclyn O'Malley reports on a community and government driven initiative in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. “Reno police officer Patrick O'Bryan came up with the idea of giving cameras to homeless people after watching a documentary about eight children born in an Indian brothel who were given cameras to document their lives. The city of Reno chipped in about $240 from an administrative community block grant for the cameras and the film development.”

Joclyn's blog has some of the pictures featured (many of people looking through link chain fences) and a commentary that I sincerely hope assists in us all reframing our views around homelessness and its causes.

Homelessness is a child protection issue and child protection is serious business. While I work hard to prevent child sexual abuse, I am heartened to know that others work equally as hard to end homelessness. Thank you to those who give a damn.

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3 Response to "The Link Chain Fence Between Child Sexual Abuse and Homelessness"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

How terrible to read such article that the partner of a certain woman does such things. We hear such things in almost every country of the world but I can't understand that people can do it. We hear also that such things happens through Internet chatting. Children or young people who do some chatting with adults and they want in fact only sexual contact with these children. It is terrible; I get sick of such news.

In the case of your article what is the love of that man for the woman if he does such things. In fact you can't speak about love her. He abused the children of the woman on a sexual way.
I hope this problem can be solved but how?

Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Erik

child sexual abuse and domestic violence is not about love, it's about the perpetrator showing power over a victim. Many perpetrators use the cry of, "But I love my family," because they are inadequate and have not developed in their understandings of love and care. They know only how to act out their negative emotions and blame other people for their own troubles.

Internet predators are a worry aren't they. There's some great sites out there offering parents advice and protection and the global task force against internet predators works hard to catch those swine that prey on our kids.

When my new website kicks off, I've invited the global task force to visit our forum regularly. I aim to make our place as safe as I can.

You ask a pertinent question of how to solve the problem of abuse. The more people talk about it and the more victims that report, the quicker the power is taken away from perpetrators. Violence can never be tolerated and it is wonderful that people like you Erik stand up against it. Keep up your terrific work and thank you for everything that you do.

I posted my book to you yesterday so you will have it shortly.

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for the nice comment. I understand that child sexual abuse is not about love. I wanted to explain that this man doesn't have any love in him because he did so trerrible things with the child of his partner.

Thanks for sending the book; but I think it need some time to arrive here because Australia is very far from here.

Thanks for all

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