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Little Pixie Gifts Help Sick Children

I’ve just been visiting my friend Erik’s site (Travelling around the world) and one of the Google ads (Little Pixie Gifts) caught my attention. Okay, it was a chocolate add but I’m about to get married and my head is in catering and wedding favor mode.

While being positively voyeuristic over the delicious delights, a display of excellent corporate social responsibility got me even more excited. This company advertises that $2.00 from every gift purchased is donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

This is exactly the type of commitment that will ensure that I become not only a customer but a repeat customer. Congratulations to Little Pixie Gifts for caring and using high quality and ethical business acumen.

Profit lines, experience and business leadership are not the only way to attract new and repeat customers. Investing in our children’s future, health and prevention programs will also attract interest from customers who want to contribute toward making the world safer for our children but are unsure what they can do to help. How simple is it to buy a product that ultimately helps others.

Thumbs up to Little Pixie Gifts.

Do businesses that help others influence your decision to purchase? I'd be really interested to hear your views.

2 Response to "Little Pixie Gifts Help Sick Children"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Fine that you could find there some interesting information to help sick children. Google does good work with placing these adds.


Little Pixie Gifts said...

Hello Megan,

Thank you very much for visiting our site and especially for blogging about us.

We share your views about having a social conscience in the market place and we enjoy being able to help others with our donations.

We have only been open for business since January so really appreciate any support we receive. Thanks again and congratulations on your site!

Darren and Jo-Anne Johnson,
Little Pixie Gifts.

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