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One Little Boy Shaves for a Cure to Help Sick Kids.

Thumbs up to my youngest child. Emotionally intelligent (sometimes!) and full of empathy for others, he today Shaved for a Cure. He raised $170.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation, simply by being brave and getting shaved. Well done darling. I am very proud of you.

I wasn't too keen on his choice of haircut immediately before our wedding (13 sleeps to go) but at least he has followed his beliefs about caring, giving and supporting others in need: especially sick kids.

Since shedding his locks, he has been walking around the house saying, "I feel happy I helped." The development of a giving culture started at birth with all of my children. Each has different areas they support and are willing to raise consciousness in. My oldest daughter supports my efforts in child sexual abuse prevention and she encourages her work team to support the Abused Child Trust. The next son down supports animals, youth suicide prevention and anything to do with aged care. Daughter three is right into St Vincent de Paul's and supports their many community initiatives. She also likes to support animal shelters. Child number four (pictured) will happily empty his pocket money into anything that heps kids (check his hair raising story out at Boy Shaved for a Cure - Right Before the Wedding).

I am proud to have raised such caring children. I just hope they're willing to care for me too when I'm old and senile!

Do you teach your children about the importance of giving? How do you do it and how do you make a choice about who to support?

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