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Socially Responsible Investing and Philanthropic Giving

Individual fiscal increases are not the only motivating factor for investors. Many people give because they want to make the world a better place, because they have received assistance and are now prepared to give back to community, or because they just give a damn about the plight of people. This is socially responsible investing.
Even though my area of giving continues to be child sexual abuse, I am heartened that so many others have found their area of commitment that they support in whatever way they can.

I have just discovered a Giving Carnival: a collection of blogs written from a philanthropic view. Interesting and thought provoking I have checked links and blog rolls and am amazed at the number of people writing about giving.

In Philanthropy Blogs Growing Influence Sean Stannard-Stockton makes reflective comment on the maturation process of giving blogs. In a similar vein I reflected on How to Attract Site Traffic to Child Protection or Sexual Abuse Blogs.

Social topics and social giving appear to fall into three conversation areas: those who care and are passionate about their subject, those who care and give because it is trendy, and those who have a little interest but it is just all too confronting. Regardless of what fuels an individual to help others, Social topic blogs and Philanthropic Giving are not trends that will disappear.

I invest a good deal of time in maintaining my blogs, on top of home schooling my child with special needs and working part time in my consultancy business. Frequently frustrated by time deficits and a desire to do more I rely on others to also do their bit to make the world safer and more palatable for our children. Together, we can do it.

A recent reader has shared her commitment to the School of St Jude with me. On the other side of the world, her in-kind commitment helps to publicize the plight of at risk children in Tanzania. Gillian’s profile, “We can make a difference by giving vulnerable children a good education. The School of St Jude does this in Arusha, Tanzania. Add your support, tell others, make your efforts count,” resonated strongly with me and in an upcoming blog I will assist Gillian in assisting the children in Tanzania.

I encourage you all to consider your tactics of Socially Responsible Investing and Philanthropic Giving. Are your hands for helping or hurting? And…thanks for reading. Becoming socially informed is a first step on the ladder of giving back to those who need it.

Photo "A Helping Hand" courtesy of NCrotty at stock.xchng

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