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How to Attract Site Traffic to Child Protection or Sexual Abuse Blogs

Child protection and sexual abuse issues may not be matters of high priority for general blog browsers. The terms rank low as searchable key words and the existing blog sites appear to have few comments. I have long pondered the reasons for this.

Child abuse is a scarey topic for many parents and others may chose not to leave comments lest they be identified as survivors or parents of abused children. Other’s may think that they have nothing worthwhile to say (you’re wrong though – everyone has something worthwhile to say).

Increasing general knowledge and creating talk around child protection and sexual abuse can be encouraged by increasing the number of visitors to our blog sites. How though??

Blog carnivals appear to assist. Visits to this site increase by an average 66.66% when I submit an article to a carnival. In addition, the page views increase threefold and it appears that I then attract more repeat visits.

Increased blog traffic equates to consciousness raising around issues that affect our children. It does not equate to increased comments on blogs, but then, although nice, this is not the ultimate aim for child protection blog keepers.

Child protection and sexual assault bloggers mostly want to raise consciousness and they want to decrease the numbers of abuse. They also aim to provide helpful protective hints, tips and information to interested readers.

But…if only the initiated read their blogs, how is consciousness raised? We need to reach further afield and attract new readers.

Step 1: Reading and commenting on blogs outside of our area of passion is a must to be able to balance our views with views of the greater blog community populace. When we leave comments, the curious click onto our names to see what we write about. Bingo, an instant curious audience to child protection/sexual assault issues.

Step 2: Most important is submitting to carnivals outside of your comfort zone: Different readership, different way of thinking and hopefully new discussion around your chosen area of blogging.

I am now posting my child protection articles to many carnivals, the obvious and not so obvious. Submit your appropriate blogs to these ones for some new readership:

Think outside the square to attract new visitors to your blog on child protection or sexual abuse. Join the carnival.

For other helpful ideas about attracting new blog visitors and increasing regular readership, check out Darren Rowse articles at Problogger.

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