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Bibliotherapy: Using Books to Help Children Solve Problems.

Writing to right the ills against children, my chosen genre is children’s fiction: bibliotherapy. The use of a story to assist a child in grappling with and integrating social issues is a method I use successfully with children in counseling, and as a Mum of four, my kids have learnt how to solve problems through my choice of books provided them. Read here what Best Children’s Books says about bibliotherapy: the use of books to help children experiencing difficult times.

Parents frequently present as scared and unsure how to educate their children about personal safety: Scared that they may spoil their children’s innocence by discussing unpalatable things. Children’s innocence is spoilt by the perpetrating predators that seek our children out and destroy their self-esteem through bullying, violence and child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual and neglect).

One of my short children’s stories, Looking for Laughter, has been picked up by Pearson Education Australia and published in Challenge Magazine. The short story is about surviving school bullying by seeking out a laughter friend, another bullied child who can help turn the isolation and abuse into deep survival, using humor rather than fight back.

"I've been looking for laughter for a long time but it sure hid from me. All the girls hated me and I still hate them. Nobody would ever play with me and the teachers did mean things, all day. I wanted to run away, until I met Larry. I wasn't even looking for laughter on that day but there it was, right under my snotty nose. This is the story of the weird day that I wasn't looking for laughter but instead met Larry."

Child survival and personal safety is best encouraged by preparing our children for situations prior to them occurring. Books are a wonderful way for parents to gently introduce coping strategies and social understanding.

Read your child a book today and help prepare them for the unknown tomorrow.

Here’s my junior fiction book about body ownership (Bitss of Caramel Marmalade on Toast), chapter by chapter. It’s free for you to print and read rather than having to pay the $15.00 RRP.

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I can recommend this book. Megan; it was very good work of you to write this book. I have read it and it is a very good one
I hope many people will read it


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