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Children Blamed for Child Sexual Abuse

Two children made a complaint against a man that everyone in the town loved. More children came forward and made complaints of sexual abuse. Throughout the investigation, Police also contacted other children, allegedly sexually abused by this beloved townsman. Many of the contacted children admitted that the man had sexually abused them for years.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, the man confessed. Over a long period, he had sexually abused almost every female child he had contact with. Banished from his town by the judicial system and sent to jail in a place far from home, rural anger turned toward the children.

“If you knew he was like that why did you go near him?”
“It’s common sense, you just stay away from danger.”
“Because he was teased by big girls who should know better, we have lost our best worker.”
"The children got together and lied. Look, they're all sad now that he's gone."

The statements resounded in my head; louder, stronger and more convincing that my single voice of; “He was responsible for the abuse, not the kids.”

I left the town exhausted and sad that children are still blamed for sexual assault.

Do you recognise your reactions to child sexual abuse as parallel to what townsfolk were saying?

Child sexual abuse is NEVER the fault of the child.

Tomorrow I will write about the Child Accommodation Syndrome and explain why sometimes children make themselves available for the abuse and why they often do not tell anyone.

Photo of models only. Taken from SXC Photo Exchange

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