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A to Z: Ways to Celebrate Family Life

The 51st edition of the Carnival of Family Life is up at DigitalRichDaily. The Carnival is full of family-related posts from all over the world: an A to Z of difference.

To see how others live family life or to keep your finger on the pulse of all family related posts, be sure to join the weekly Carnival of Family Life.

Consider joining us. I try to submit weekly: an article from this site and one from Home Schooling Aspergers. This week the Carnival of Family Life has included my posts on Gem Sifting and Words to Explain Feelings Following Virginia Tech Shootings.

Submit your family related blog entry to the Carnival and watch your hit statistics grow.

And...if you are an Aussie blogger or are blogging about anything Australian, do not miss the fortnightly Carnival of Australia.

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