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Revealing Children’s Fashion

Are our children becoming overtly sexualized through fashion? Two interesting sounding papers recently released by The Australain Institute for a Just, Sustainable, Peaceful Future supports so: Corporate Paedophilia: Sexualisation of children in Australia and Letting Children be Children: Stopping the sexualisation of children in Australia .

I stress that I have not yet read these papers but the media release and blog comments surrounding the research has reminded me of years of anecdotal concern from parents of children. Many parents refuse to slave to the fashion industry and dress (or undress) their children as mini Britneys, Keeley Hazells or Tammy Nyps. The parental concerns revolve around enforcing sexualisation of children and turning them into sexual objects.

Children wearing clothes that state “Porn Star” is in my view, a form of abuse. The global community is mostly outraged about peodiphilia and sexual predators tracking and grooming our children, yet too many of us groom our babies to become voyeuristic objects of lust. Of course any body has the right to wear what they want and when they want, but with rights comes responsibility. It is a parents responsibility to look after their children, including minimizing risk of all forms of child abuse.

There’s been a long running and interesting feminist debate about why many women remove hair from their legs, underarms and private parts. One analysis is because we continue to cater to the patriarchal and sexual view of women from men. Apparently, some men prefer their women to look pre pubescent.

Joining the above analysis with the sexualised clothing that some fashion labels create and market as children’s wear, I would have to agree that our children are becoming overtly sexualised through fashion. But…I have the power of choice and I choose not to dress my children in clothing that caters to the financial gain of the fashion industry. More importantly, I choose not to dress my children as voyeuristic candy for those sexual predators that so quickly evil their way into our communities, our lives, our homes. Instead, I have taught my children about protective behaviours, what sexuality is, what sexual development is and what to do if anyone steps over their body space boundary.

Children’s fashion does not have to be revealing or sexualized. Children’s fashion enables a child to do their work: play. Last time I checked, overt and ongoing sex play was not within the normal bounds of childhood development.

Are our children becoming overtly sexualized through fashion? What do you think?

Another fashion article you may want to address: Reuters Knife Dolce & Gabbana

4 Response to "Revealing Children’s Fashion"

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

I agree with you that fashion can have a negative influence by the clothes children wear. Clothes which are too sexy can be dangerous for child abusement. It can have a challenge effect to persons who do these terrible actions.

It is regrettable but you can be better be careful in the choice of the clothes of your children. Better preventing than that your childeren are involved by sexual abusement. Normally they don't do any mistake by wearing this fashion trend but as long we can child abusement out of this world, better be careful for yourself and surely for your children.


Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Erik
I've just been visiting your blog while you were on mine. I so want to visit Belgium. Maybe when I pay my bills off!!!

Vigilance and being careful are indeed needed. It is so sad that we even have to pay it a second thought but it is not okay to dress children as adults and to encourage them in sexy adult poses.

It is up to sexual predators to stop their bad behaviour. They are the ones who have to leave our children alone. the meantime I would prefer that my children do not dress in a way that helps a pedophile create a sick argument in their mind.

How is your weather there? I bet it is cold. When I visit I will need to come in Summer.

ERIK said...

Hi Megan,

Indeed I just got a message that you wrote a post in my blog when I was writing in your blog. It is just like telepathy. We were thinking on each other.
You are right in the warning you give in the choice of the clothes childeren wear.

What concerns the weather we have this year a higher temperature than normal in this season. Previous week and this week the temperature is around 10 to 14 degrees and normally this time of the year the temperature is often below zero. At the moment they expect next week colder weather but of course everything can change here very quickly.

It will be nice that you come to Belgium. Let me know so that we can meet eachother but the best time is from June till September if you like higher temperatures.
I have read that yesterday the temperature in Australia was 40 degrees by the Australian Open (tennis). Wow so hot and then they have to play for such a long time but of course if they win they receive big money.

All the best

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