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Web of Conversation Development

Business individuals operating from an ethical and truth-based locus of control can, in my experience, be difficult to locate. Despite corporate rhetoric or the marketing technique of relationship building, some stars shine out from the crowd. Their very presence emanates respect, patience and abuse free relationship building. This week I have found one through pure coincidence.

Imaginif is about to venture into an on-line and global conversation that has been boiling on the back hot plate for months now. Frustrated and frightened by my lack of appropriate technological language and ability to strengthen my voice in a male dominated, phollocentric and patriarchal world of web development, I finally faced the situation and began seeking the right person to develop Imaginif’s on-line conversation about child safety.

Congratulations to Marcus Xavier of Cool Image, web design and development. Not only did he listen, and hear, the essence of my clumsy and wrongly placed language about web site development but he clearly understood what Imaginif aims to achieve in creating the largest on-line conversation about child safety and protection.

Child protection, particularly child sexual abuse prevention, fails to be hot dinner party discussion. It can be “in your face” and threatening to many people because they don’t understand what it is. Wrongly, many of us rely upon someone else to do the work and carry the banner.

Child protection is a community responsibility and until we create an ongoing global community conversation around the topic, how many of you will think that somebody else is responsible for protecting the world’s children? Child protection is not merely about the aftermath of abuse, it is proactive, preventative and covers areas that most parents already reinforce: wearing shoes, hats, looking before you cross the road, never giving out personal details in chat rooms, etc. Child protection is good parenting.

Marcus Xavier from Cool Image web design and development got what I was referring to and never once attempted to move the conversation away from child protection. Thumbs up to you, Marcus. Thank you for displaying high ethics and for entering a truthful and stimulating conversation with me. I will have no hesitation in referring others to you and your business.

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