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Largest on-line Child Protection Conversation in the World.

The largest on-line
child protection conversation
in the world
begins mid April
(after Easter).

To know what it is that I refer to see:
Imaginif Jobs for Child Safety Writers

My impending marriage (5 weeks and five days away) has eaten into my time like I never knew possible. A relaxed, family focused affair, I had overlooked the organization and administration function of the event. Hence, I have placed the launch of our new web site on hold for another month.

Thank you to all those writers who applied for the voluntary blogging jobs. It is heartening to know that there are many, many people throughout the world that are committed to making the world a safer place for our children.

If you have a passion about any area of child safety (not just sexual abuse prevention) and would like to write weekly to the world’s largest on-line child protection conversation, please contact me and I’ll supply you the application requirements. There is no time limit on applying for the voluntary positions.

For those looking for a space to discuss child protection issues, the largest on-line child protection conversation offers daily blogs by a variety of writers on a variety of child protection issues. In addition, there will be a happening forum where people all over the world can contribute to discussion about their kids safety and receive parental feedback on how well they are already doing with keeping the kids safe.

We parents can never get enough positive feedback about the “right” things we do. Join our conversation and know that you are immediately doing the "right" thing for the "right" reasons.

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