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Business and Individuals Add to Child Protection

What sort of business can display their corporate responsibility toward ending child abuse? Any business that is not involved in child exploitation is a welcome partner in the fight against child abuse and the protection of children.

The Abused Child Trust has several corporate partnerships across the Government, Non Government and Private sectors. Businesses, large and small, have taken the opportunity to give back to a protective Australian community by either donating a percentage of sales, making yearly cash contributions, or assisting the Trust with in-kind support.

Thumbs up to those businesses that proudly display their corporate responsibility toward the Abused Child Trust. I sincerely hope that they receive additional business from consumers who appreciate financial and in-kind contributions to an area that potentially affects all future consumers: our children.

Whereas many individuals make a decision to support a cause against child abuse, a smaller number actually turn their decision into action. Today is the start of the rest of your life. Use this day to kick-start yourself into action.

Identify a child-focused charity, organization or group that you want to support (Imaginif supports the Abused Child Trust). Make contact with them and discuss what would be most helpful to them. Turn the discussion into action: do it!

You may have a great idea but are too embarrassed to carry it forward. Great ideas need great people to turn them into reality. If you are already interested in child protection, you are a great person and you can do it.

In Finding a company to buy your business ideas, I provide a case example of a man who had a great ‘family focused’ idea. With some simple action and a good deal of feeling initially dejected, he was paid handsomely for his intellectual property.

Purse for a Curse is a simple idea that I came up with. After some basic market research, I just began organizing Purse for a Curse and then contacted the Abused Child Trust to ensure that they would be the recipient of raised funds.

Business or individual, you can play a valued role in child protection. When we started collecting our five-cent coins for the Abused child Trust our 11 year old and 20 year old started doing the same thing. Instead of having two adults tipping into our large blue vase, we now have four people in our home doing it. This was not discussed with the kids; they just began doing it voluntarily because they could see the worth of protecting others.

If you’ve got a tip that other families could also use, post it here to provide readers with a variety of social responsibility ideas. Not every idea will suit everybody’s circumstances. Sharing is a form of child protection.

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