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Seventh Generation Heaven for Homeless Women in North America.

Thumbs up to Seventh Generation. Their corporate social responsibility extends beyond caring for the environment to caring for homeless women’s sanitary needs.

A simple donation program on their site encourages a click for a box of FREE environmentally safe sanitary products delivered to a shelter in the state of your choice (U.S.A).

Seventh Generations click for feminine products program is currently suspended while they clear the backlog of boxes to be donated. The success of the giving program is due to people like us, each wanting to do their bit to help others. Sign up for Seventh Generations free newsletter so that you know when the backlog has cleared and they are ready to receive your click.

Feminine hygiene products are expensive and an item that women cannot go without. When women flee their homes because of domestic violence or sexual assault, feminine products are not necessarily one of those items on the “I must grab now” list.

While many shelters make provision for supplying feminine products, the shelters still operate on tight budgets where every cent spent is at the cost of something else. Donations of any new hygiene products are always gratefully received.

Collecting the complementary bottles of shampoo and soaps provided at hotel/motels is another simple way to give to shelters or rape crisis centers. Many frequent fliers collect the complimentary goods and when they have a bag full, they take them to a women’s or children’s shelter. A fantastic thing to do that costs you nothing, please consider it when you next travel.

Many thanks to Thrifty Mommy for raising my consciousness about Seventh Generations excellent display of corporate social responsibility.

Another click for help program you may want to consider can be found in Click for Kids at the Child Health Site.

I’ve always said I wished I could click my fingers and make the world a safer place. Now we can all click away and spread the magic of caring and helping others. Who is going to click with me?

2 Response to "Seventh Generation Heaven for Homeless Women in North America."

Karen is Thrifty said...

Hi Megan. Thanks for visiting Thrifty Mommy.

Megan Bayliss said...

You are more than welcome Karen. Thank you for blogging about Seventh Generation. Companies that do the right thing deserve plenty of blogosphere space.

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