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What's Worthy of a Hot Stuff Award? Parenting is.

My greatest award and reward is my partners decision to marry me/us (six kids and me last of all). As I'm sure most people know, I'm getting married in 16 sleeps time. Our wedding is focused on the comfort of our guests, 30% of which are children. We think it's quite acceptable to have children at weddings and judging from article response, so do you.

Somebody has nominated my post, Children at Weddings: Acceptable or Non-Acceptable? for a Hot Stuff award from GNMParents. WOW! I am absolutely chuffed. Thank you to who ever it was.

The award works on a voting system. The post with the most votes wins an, "I'm Hot Stuff" button to wear on their blog site. There are four articles nominated. Head on over to GNMParents, read the posts and cast your vote.

I was also chuffed yesterday to receive a letter from one of our local politicians telling me I was nominated for an International Women's Day Award. WOW. That really blew me away. I was humbled, honoured and disbelieving all at the same time. The letter (pictured) will go into my precious box for safe keeping for ever.

I don't do the work I do for award, recognition or self gain. I work tirelessly for child safety because I want the world to be a better place for our kids. Whereas I see child sexual abuse prevention as the most important thing for me to do, I am thankful that there are other people who work to develop cures for disease, feed the homeless and starving, or protect our environment from total destruction. Without a healthy environment our kids wont have food to eat or parks to play safely in.

The awards though, need to go to the everyday parents who strive to keep their children safe. Parents worldwide are teaching their kids about personal safety, ensuring healthy diets, putting shoes and warm clothes on, celebrating rather than berating and loving, hugging and talking. These are the actions worthy of award.

Thank you to the person who nominated my article for the GNMParents Award and thank you to the person who has already voted for it. Even though I have no idea who you are, you guys are just the best. To my children and my divine partner: I love you all the way up to the moon, around the sun and stars and all the way back again.

And....WE WON! Thank you to all who voted.

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