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How to be a true Prince or Princess this Valentine's Day.

All over the world, lovers are making final preparation to their Valentine Day (February the 14th) surprises. In Australia, the Abused Child Trust is encouraging people to remember that not all people love as they should (see Tatts and Tiaras. Valentine's Day of Tough Love).

Eighty five percent of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by somebody well known to the child. This could be either a family member or somebody who has access to the child on a regular basis. This staggering statistic equates to many children developing faulty concepts around what love is and how it is displayed. Shocking for our future survival.

Show a little love this Valentine and donate to the Abused Child Trust. This independent charity works tirelessly to prevent child abuse and support families where child abuse has occurred.

In true Australian Princess regalia, the Abused Child Trust has produced a variety of products to fundraise with on Tatts and Tiara Day, Valentines Day, February 14th. Rub on tatts, tiaras, pens, bracelets, and pins are on sale now.

I met with a few friends yesterday afternoon and took along my box of Tatts and Tiaras. Not aware that our social occasion would turn into a fund raiser, nobody thought twice about supporting the cause. Congratulations and thank you to my friends, we need more people like you to help end the war of terror – child sexual abuse.

On February 14th, I am hosting an Australian Princess dinner party. All my invited guests must attend dressed in their regal splendor, purchase a tatt and tiara to wear AND donate the cost of a meal to the Abused Child Trust. This one small action of fund raising will aim to both consciousness raise and provide a small amount of money for the Abused Child Trust to continue their work in my community. Yes, all monies raised, stay in that town or city. Fantastic.

To participate in Tatts and Tiara Day, contact the Abused Child Trust NOW. There is still time to receive a small box of merchandise to sell.

Show some heart this Valentine’s. Remember those children who go unloved.

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